a catizen science project
to study the bacteria
that live in cats

We love cats

We are studying how microbes interact with cat biology, behavior and health. We are conducting the world's largest study of the microbiome of kitties.

We love science

With your help, we will create the world's largest database of cat microbiome data. We invite everyone who cares about kitties to join this project.

Holly Ganz, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Holly is a microbial ecologist who founded the KittyBiome project @hollyhganz

Alana Firl, PhD

Co-founder & CSO

Alana holds a PhD in Vision Science from UC Berkeley and a BS in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University @ajfirl

Alexandra Martin

Chief Lab Technician

Alex is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley who has been involved with KittyBiome from the beginning

Jonathan Eisen, PhD

Scientific Advisor

World-renowned evolutionary biologist and cat enthusiast. Professor/PI at UC Davis @phylogenomics

Jennifer Gardy, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Leader, Molecular Epidemiology at the BC Center for Disease Control @jennifergardy

Adrian Tordiffe, DVM, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa @AdrianTordiffe